Dream Cabin

Have you been dreaming about a perfect romantic escape to the mountains with someone special?

Are you looking for a way to escape the busy demands of modern life?

Dream Cabin might just be the place for you...


Love Studio

his cute little dwelling was made for two!

Incorporating brilliant bush design and country comforts, the Studio features a inspiring yet cozy atmosphere mixed with bohemian style.


Enchanted Cave

The Cave stirs something in our biology – a primitive memory of our beginning, of when we lived in a simpler world and simpler times.

Like a refuge, we can visit and stay inside it, using its protection against the hassles and stresses of modern life.


Wollemi House

ENJOY  g o o d   c o m p a n y

This grand bush cabin has been designed to incorporate the feel of the Australian bush. Raw natural materials and aesthetic have been used extensively throughout, creating an invigorating and relaxing atmosphere for couples.


Love Tee Pee

Find Your i n n e r  s p i r i t in this cute and exotic Tee Pee with all the mod cons.



BE e l e v a t e d in a world-class Treehouse. The only way to experience the world-heritage Blue Mountains.


Wollemi Cabin

Soak up the wilderness in this idyllic timber slab bush cabin with outstanding views.