Blue Mountains Cabins

Things to See and Do in the Blue Mountains

Wollemi National ParkWollemi National Park is the largest wilderness area in NSW. Forming part of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area - Wollemi offers a maze of canyons, cliffs and undisturbed forest. Truely a natural wonder; all within a one hour drive from Sydney.

Colo River Wollemi National ParkThe Colo River is a highlight of the area; beginning at the junction of the Wolgan and Capertee Rivers, roughly in the middle of Wollemi National Park from east to west. It heads east for a short distance and then south east for some 50km until it flows into the Hawkesbury River near Lower Portland, north of Windsor. The Colo River Gorge is one of the largest in the world other than the Grand Canyon, stretching 30km in length, and around 300m deep for much of that.

The area around the river offers some of the wildest country remaining in NSW, and that is one of the big attractions to bushwalkers. While there are a number of fire trails and tracks on the east side of the gorge, the west is almost untouched. However, access is difficult and often requires strenuous climbs and exposed rock scrambling.

Star Gazing is another popular pastime, so check the Meteor Shower Guide for the best times to watch.

Glow Worm Tunnel in the Blue MountainsThe Glow Worm Tunnel is part of the old railway that serviced the area; access is from Clarence on the Bells Line of Road.

Dunns Swamp has easy walks and plenty of opportunities for canoeing.

Mountain Biking is a popular attraction. Fire trails off Putty Rd, such as the Culoul Range Trail and the Grassy Hill Trail are well suited to mountain biking. You may see a few cars and 4WDs, but mostly you'll be on your own. If you are looking for decent mountain biking, try fire trails in the Mountain Lagoon area.

Take care as many roads in Wollemi Wilderness are unpaved.